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Should you really worry about the harmful effects of meth residue in
your home or apartment?

One narcotics officer we talked to here in Missouri, who’s been involved in
hundreds of meth lab busts, definitely thinks so.  He was telling us how he and
his wife recently had their second child.  With their growing family, the time had
come to move into a bigger home.  Instead of buying an existing home they
decided to build a brand-new one - at a considerably greater expense.  

For them, the additional costs were well worth it for two very important
reasons.  Their two children.  

This officer and his wife did not want to take the risk of moving into a home
that could have once housed a meth lab.  The extra strain on their family
budget was well worth the peace of mind of knowing they were not going to
expose their young family to the toxic residue left behind from the production
of methamphetamine.

The Problems With Meth Lab Contamination

The process of cooking meth emits a snowstorm of toxic particles into the air.  
These particles become embedded in walls, carpets, air vents, ceiling fans,
and more.  People who move into homes or apartments that may have once
housed a meth lab can suffer serious health consequences from exposure to
this toxic stew.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to tell whether your home or apartment has
been contaminated by meth lab activity.  There are a few things you can do to
determine if a home or apartment is a former meth lab site:

  • You can check with local law enforcement to see if there is a record of
    any meth related activity at the address in question.  
  • You may be able to talk to neighbors to get some background
    information about a property.  
  • You can have the home tested for meth contamination.  (Unfortunately,
    a lot of the options out there are expensive and it takes the results a few
    days to get back from the lab.  That's not ideal when you need to make
    a quick decision on a house or an apartment.)

A New Option for Detecting Meth Lab Activity:  Find Out If Your
Home or Apartment Contains Toxic Meth Residue in Five Minutes
or Less

Now there's an easy and affordable solution that provides reliable
results on the spot!  
DrugWipe can detect the presence of illegal drugs
(including meth) on surfaces. This revolutionary technology, used by law
enforcement for over a decade, is now being deployed for front-line testing in
the war against toxic meth contamination.  If you are acquiring residential
property for your family or for investment purposes, an IDS Methamphetamine
Contamination Assessment can provide you with piece of mind.   Make sure
that the invisible dangers of meth residue are not an issue
before you
purchase or lease property.
  • In the St. Louis area - contact IDS to have a technician perform testing
  • Outstate Missouri - Numerous county health departments have
    technicians on staff to perform testing with DrugWipe.  Contact your
    county health department for more information.

Why use DrugWipe to identify Meth contamination?

  • Fast & easy to perform - technicians simply swipe the device across
    surfaces such as walls, ceiling fans, air vents, and cabinetry, then
    activate and interpret results - testing process takes less than 30
    minutes in most cases
  • Affordable - Testing is typically less that $100 for most properties -
    contact IDS or your county health department for details
  • No waiting for results - no need to send sample out to a lab and wait
    a few days - get results on the spot in less than 5 minutes!
  • Proven technology - field tested by law enforcement for over a decade

Why risk it?  Find out if meth contamination could be threatening the health
and safety of you and your family!

Please note: DrugWipe is a highly sensitive technology, detecting drug residue down to the
nanogram level (one billionth of a gram).  A positive result indicates that drug
contamination is present in the area screened.  However, this may not necessarily mean
the contamination is present in levels that may pose a health risk to you or your family.  IDS
recommends that you follow up a positive result by contacting a local environmental firm for
further testing and possible cleanup.
This video shows the surfaces in a home
or apartment that can be sampled when
using DrugWipe for Meth Lab ID.
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