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Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What is the DrugWipe?
The DrugWipe biosensor is a pen-sized "lab on a stick" that is used to detect the
presence of illegal drugs residue on surfaces.  It tests surfaces for traces of the
contaminants deposited by drug abusers or traffickers and provides legally
defensible results within minutes.

2.  Drugs on surfaces?
As we sweat, we secrete harmful toxins from our bodies.  Included in that category
are illegal drug compounds.  So as it turns out, those who use illegal drugs actually
leave a trail as they go about their daily routines.  They leave invisible traces of
those drugs on the surfaces they touch.  

Those who traffic illegal drugs leave a trail as well.  In the process of
packaging/handling illegal drugs, they get drug residue on their hands.  Some of that
residue gets transferred to the surfaces they touch.  

It is this "trail"  of invisible drug residue which users and traffickers leave on
surfaces that DrugWipe detects.

3.  Can you test people with it?
Yes.  A similar device called PreScreen is available to test individuals.  A PreScreen
test is administered simply by swiping the device across a person's forehead and/or
hands.  It is used in situations such as pre-employment screen, random drug
screens, and post-accident investigations as a less-invasive alternative to traditional
drug tests such as urine and blood.

4.  How does the technology work?
DrugWipe contains a Wiping Element with a fleece collection pad that is "swiped"
across surfaces to collect samples.  Once the samples are collected, the device's
Absorbant Pad is dipped in water for 15 seconds.  Capillary action draws the
collected sample through the device into the Detection Element.  During this
process, any molecules of illegal narcotics which are present bind with drug-
specific antibodies.  This process virtually eliminates the possibility of false-positive
results.  When illegal narcotics that are present in the sample, a red indicator line
appears in the Read Out Window showing which drugs, if any, are present.

5.  Is it reliable?
Yes.  In testing conducted by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (the Drug
Czar's office), DrugWipe produced 100% reliable results at the manufacturer's
detection specifications.

6.  What types of drugs does it detect?
DrugWipe detects the presence of Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates (including Heroin),
Amphetamines and Methamphetamines (including Ecstasy).

7.  Does it test for alcohol?
No.  While the residue from narcotics can linger on surfaces for months, providing
a large window for detection, alcohol evaporates too quickly to make surface
testing possible.

8.  Who uses DrugWipe?
DrugWipe has been used by the DEA, FBI, US Customs and over 2500 government
agencies through the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy's
Technology Transfer Program.  The DrugWipe is also used by private and public
companies in such areas as construction, transportation, health care, retail, legal
services, financial services and real estate.  The technology is also used by parents
and schools to identify abuse and trafficking by teenagers and pre-teens.

9.  Can I perform the test myself?
No.  DrugWipe assessments can only be performed by certified technicians.  
Anyone that will be performing surface assessments with DrugWipe in a business,
home, or school setting is required to take a training course and acquire certification
to perform surface assessments.  
Contact us for more details.

10.  How much does it cost?
Integrity Detection Systems offers a wide range of custom-priced programs
depending on a client's particular needs.  Pricing for a facility assessment has
several components:  
Scope:  The size/type of facility.  For example, office cubicles can be sampled more
quickly than a warehouse facility where equipment can be spread out more.
Specificity:  DrugWipe can sample multiple surfaces (up to 40) before the test is
developed.  For example, a PinPoint Assessment would use 1 DrugWipe per
company vehicle.  A General Assessment would use 1 DrugWipe per 4 or 5
company vehicles.

contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  We’ll review your
situation and provide you with a detailed estimate based on your individual needs.

11.  What are the privacy issues associated with conducting these tests?
Drug testing of any type can raise privacy concerns.  While some may be
uncomfortable with the idea that DrugWipe can detect drugs without the knowledge
or cooperation of those being tested, there are other factors to consider:  First, IDS
assessments using DrugWipe technology are only conducted on school or company
owned property.  We will not collect samples from a student or employee's personal
property.  Also, DrugWipe assessments eliminate the need for random,
suspicionless based testing.  Assessments establish reasonable cause that may
warrant further testing of individuals.
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